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Glazing industry

Glazing industry

Glazing industry in the products of ceram ara is considered one of the most important and prosperous fields in the ceramic industry. Considering the need in the production of Bergamo sanitary ware of high quality products and optimal performance, the use of widely used and diverse materials in the composition of glazes is very important. One of these materials that has attracted attention due to its extraordinary properties is micronized silica.

Micronized silica is one of the most widely used minerals in the glazing industry. Micronized silica is obtained in the form of silica related to silica in nature, and after certain processes, it becomes micronized. Some of the important features of micronized silica are: improving the mechanical and thermal properties of ceramic products, increasing heat resistance, reducing water absorption, reducing paste shrinkage, reducing adhesion temperature and increasing the adhesion of glaze materials to the product surface. Also, micronized silica can improve the clarity and smoothness of the glaze surface. These characteristics have caused the use of micronized silica in the composition of glazes to improve the quality and performance of ceramic products widely.


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